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What identifies us as Alternatives 2.0

About us

We are a team of professionals in different areas of communications, marketing and design, creative and trained to plan, create and develop your website, manage and create content, as well as generate tools to visualize your brand or product.

What we do

We generate digital marketing strategies and alternatives for companies, through the appropriate means and technology to disseminate and communicate brands, products or services.

Where are we going

Position ourselves as a creative company dedicated to digital marketing. Developers of websites and digital alternatives that generate successful ventures, through innovative communication and content strategies, updated in technology.

Our Values

Quality of service100%
We are passionate about the quality of our services, under the premise of honesty, commitment and flexibility. We want each proposal developed by us to provide the best results for our clients and their brands.

Always attentive to look for ideas that generate impact.


sofia mastrogiuseppe Directora

Sofia Mastrogiuseppe

Commercial Director

The first contact with our customers is Sofi. Accountant, with an MBA and was born as a PR. She is addicted to adventure, to numbers and always creates a plan that includes everyone. Enjoy a good permanent mood that elevates the spirits even in desperate moments.

Cristina Stredel Directora

Cristina Strédel

Creative Director

Cris manages the content and appearance of the projects. Internationalist, Specialist in International Business, Management in Marketing and Digital Marketing. Obsessed with his cell phone and social networks, blogger, architect of our projects and irremediable perfectionist.

Geraldine Medina Comunicadora

Geraldine Medina

Visual Communicator

Gera creates with inspiration and conviction. Graphic Designer and Corporate Communicator. Our visual communicator is creative, attentive and attentive to details. Always aware of each client and the team. It also has the coolest and most aesthetic desk in the office.

What people say!

Me encanto la propuesta de Alternativa 2.0, leyeron mi mente, era exactamente lo que estaba buscando, una propuesta de tarjetas de presentación con mi sello y personalidad. Chic, glam y vanguardista, perfecta para mi marca!!! Súper agradecida y no duden que siempre serán mi mano derecha para cualquier trabajo. - Mariana Barbosa Sweet Temptation NY
Confiamos nuestra imagen corporativa al equipo de Alternativas 2.0, y de verdad nos encantó el resultado. Nuestro logotipo y papelería quedaron perfectos, tanto así que le confiamos el desarrollo de nuestro sitio web. 100% recomendados!- Valentina Báez - Directora de Operaciones de Fimaca
Empezamos con logo, sello y facturas, y desarrollaron mi website y llevan mis redes sociales, incorporaron al mundo digital a mi empresa de transporte. Gracias por actualizarnos y por crearnos una imagen chicas de Alternativas 2.0. - Argelia - Owner Thisisoursco.com
With thisisoursco.com and alternatives 2.0 we have reached a relationship of trust and generate a concept that addresses not only my intention to have a virtual store but also a site that tells stories of immigrants in Canada.-